Germany close to overtaking USA in Bitcoin nodes: 20% vs 25%

posted 6 months ago
Germany now accounts for 20% of all publicly reachable Bitcoin nodes, not far off from the United States which has the biggest concentration of Bitcoin nodes at 25%. France comes a distant 3rd with 619 nodes. While China curiously only has 306 publicly reachable nodes. America is of course a big country, and where Bitcoin first took off, so its number 1 position is not surprising.

Germany being so close to potentially taking the number 1 spot, however, may tell a story. The Chaos Computer Club (CCC), one of the world’s largest association of hackers is based in Berlin, and some of the Tor guys hang out in Berlin. German history has, in response, made it one of the most open, tolerant, privacy-upholding, and welcoming countries that also focuses on upholding fundamental human rights. Germany’s ideal environment for devs and dissenters may be allowing tech giants to rise in Europe. This concentration of Bitcoin nodes may not be too surprising given this context, but it being close to overtaking USA is certainly a way of putting Germany on the crypto map.
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