German BTC mining co. buys 5,000 ASICs as network hash rate reaches ATH

posted 8 months ago

German Bitcoin mining company Northern Bitcoin signed a deal to buy nearly 5,000 mining rigs from Bitmain and Canaan Creative. Northern, which is headquartered in Frankfurt but operates a site in Norway, aims to double its capacity, currently operating with 55 petahashes per second. The expansion is part of a long-term scaling plan with a focus on sustainable energy.

With the doubling of our mining equipment just a few days after the start of our global scaling, we are setting the pace with which we aim to take a leading position in the fast-growing blockchain industry in the coming years.” The announcement came at the same time as the Bitcoin network’s overall hash rate hit yet another new record, 69 quintillion hashes per second. Northern meanwhile added it would seek to open new sites in future at as yet undisclosed locations.
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