Former head of Barclays Technology launching crypto/fiat banking w/mastercard, for UK only

posted 6 months ago
Former head of technology for Barclays group for over a decade is planning a Q1 2020 launch for his latest digital banking venture, Ziglu. The all-digital account will allow multiple currencies, both fiat and digital, to be held in the same account, to be used for payment and banking services. Any currency held on the account can be spent anywhere in the world using a Mastercard debit card. That includes cryptocurrencies, which will be converted at point of sale.

Currently, Ziglu is only available to UK citizens, but they say they plan to expand to other countries in the future. Ziglu's unique value proposition seems to be due to being innovative, Ziglu combines multiple fiat currencies and holds crypto, along with the ability to spend any currency using a card with conversion at point of sale.
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