Financial communications platform StockTwits added streams and symbology for cryptocurrencies

posted 12 months ago
In a recent blog post financial communications platform StockTwits announced that it has added streams and symbology for 100+ cryptocurrencies and tokens.

"At StockTwits we are really excited about the future of cryptocurrencies and tokens. We see it as a brand new asset class — and potentially a completely new global stock market.

As the leader in social finance, we want to spearhead the charge on social symbology and build an even larger community around these assets, so today we are excited to launch symbology, streams, pricing, and charting for over 100 cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Now on StockTwits you can easily share and read posts about any cryptocurrency or token on StockTwits by using the cashtag for the symbol with .X after it (e.g. $BTC.X, $ETH.X, $LTC.X)
We are currently supporting over 100+ cryptocurrencies and tokens." - said in a blog post.
Tags: bitcoin, news