Chinese city uses blockchain to track the movements of convicts on parole

posted 11 months ago
Convicts on parole in the southern Chinese city of Zhongshan can now find themselves being tracked over a blockchain network. The justice department of Zhongshan says it has launched a blockchain-based system to monitor the movements of ex-prisoners to improve the quality of so-called "community correction."

Parolees are required to check in and complete daily duties thereby providing up-to-date data on each convict's movements, so community correction staff and relevant law enforcement agencies who are given access to the network are able to know a convict's whereabouts at any time, and thus can take necessary measures if one is breaking from the required routine. The justice department claimed that the technology is able to reduce the manpower burden that is traditionally required to physically follow parolees when ensuring they are obeying laws and performing community service.
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