CFTC approves Bitnomial to offer futures contracts settled in Bitcoin

posted 7 months ago
The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) approved Bitnomial Exchange to offer bitcoin futures and options contracts. Customers will reportedly receive the actual Bitcoin when the contract expires, rather than the fiat equivalent. The CFTC conducted an onsite technical evaluation of the exchange's operations before granting the approval.

Bitnomial said it was the "first and only startup exchange" to receive approval to offer both margined and physically delivered bitcoin futures and options contracts in the US and went on to say: "First, a new generation of customers are emerging as savvy with trading, technology and delivery. Second, innovative new unregulated derivatives are booming with daily volumes topping $45 [billion] but may be illegal for many US traders." Bitnomial is expected to launch on April 27th.
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