CFTC allows crypto investments after ‘numerous’ employee inquiries

posted about 1 year ago
The United States' main commodities regulator recently told its employees they are allowed to invest in cryptocurrencies, a decision which came weeks after the agency began overseeing Bitcoin futures.

Under the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s ethics guidance, workers may trade digital tokens as long as they don’t buy them on margin or have inside information gleaned from their jobs. Investing in the Bitcoin futures that the CFTC polices, however, is barred.

In a memo, Davis, the CFTC’s chief lawyer, wrote that because the agency has determined digital tokens are a commodity, workers may trade them like they would any other commodity.

Regulatory decisions may have an impact on the underlying markets. For example, the price of Bitcoin jumped 13 percent on Dec. 1, the day the CFTC announced it was allowing Bitcoin futures.
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