BTC-e: Vinnik was never an executive or an employee

posted 12 months ago
In a recent post on forum, Bitcoin exchange BTC-e made a statement regarding current situation and their connection to Alexander Vinnik, a Russian arrested in Greece on money laundering charges.

"On July 25, 11:00 FBI staff came to the data center where our server equipment was located and seized all equipment.

For 6 days we couldn't get any information (from our hosting provider) on what happened to our servers. Because of that, we publish this information only now.

On July 28 the domain was confiscated.

At the moment, part of our service facility is arrested by the FBI.

The next update will contain information on what options are available to restore our services, as well as information about procedure for making refunds, in case that exchange won't be able to operate.

If our services will not be launched before the end of August, we will start refund procedures from September 1.

In next few weeks we will evaluate and publish information about how much money fell into the hands of the FBI, and what amount of funds will be available for refunds.

We officially declare: Alexander Vinnik was never an executive an or employee of our exchange" - said in a statement.
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