Bitrefill’s “Thor Turbo” speeds up initial Lightning connections

posted 6 months ago
Bitrefill demoed their new “Thor Turbo” service for the 1st time, it speeds up the process of transacting with Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, by speeding up the set up process for payment channels. Users do not have to wait an hour to initialize a Lightning channel before transacting. The process is, users must convert their Bitcoin into Lightning, which is generally not an instant process. Doing so takes 6 confirmations on the Bitcoin blockchain, a wait of roughly 60 minutes.

With the new Thor Turbo app, users can bypass the initial wait by opening a “turbo channel” with Bitrefill. Bitrefill CCO John Carvalho said “Words can’t do justice to the feeling of using Bitcoin instantaneously… this expands the entire paradigm of what’s possible for internet commerce… we’re here to pull Bitcoin forward and make onboarding the world to Bitcoin and Lightning as frictionless as possible.”
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