Bitcoin wallets targeted by “InnfiRAT” malware through untrusted source downloads

posted 11 months ago
Cyber security researchers have warned that malware could be stealing Bitcoin and wallet information. The piece of malware, named InnfiRAT, a so-called remote access trojan, is able to steal sensitive information stored on a device including Bitcoin and wallet data. InnfiRAT was originally discovered in 2017 but only this past week detailed research and analysis has been concluded.

Cyber security researchers at Zscaler's ThreatLabZ said "Among other things, InnfiRAT is written to look for cryptocurrency wallet information, such as bitcoin and litecoin." The remote access trojan searches for wallet.dat files and if found delivers them to a server controlled by the cyber criminals. The researchers warned that RATs are usually downloaded through an infected email attachment or app and warned people should only use trusted sources.
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