Bitcoin transaction volume registers over $3T in 2018

posted 7 months ago
The transaction volume of Bitcoin, the world’s leading decentralized digital currency, exceeded $3 trillion in 2018, Satoshi Capital Researchers found. They also stated the Bitcoin network experienced $2.2 trillion worth of trading volume.

The New York firm compared Bitcoin’s trading volume with the volume of fiat currencies in emerging economies, noting that people traded Bitcoin more than Argentinian Pesos and Bulgarian Lev. At $2.2 trillion($3 trillion at layer 1), Bitcoin was beaten only by the Chilean Peso, Israeli Shekel, and Thai Baht, whose trading volumes were $4 trillion, $5 trillion and $7 trillion, respectively, in 2018. This solidifies [Bitcoin’s] position as a serious global currency, ranking just under the Chilean Peso and more than 6x the Bulgarian Lev,” wrote SCR.
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