Bitcoin trading volume surges 250% in Thailand after seasteading fiasco

posted 6 months ago
A ‘seasteading’ home belonging to a Bitcoin-rich couple was towed by the Thai navy for “violating Thai sovereignty... undermining Thailand’s national security as well as economic and social interests of maritime nations.” The maximum penalty for violating Thailand’s sovereignty is the death penalty, so the pioneering seasteading couple, he, who had his visa revoked, and she, who goes by the moniker “Bitcoin girl Thailand” went into hiding.

It’s speculated that the seizure of the sea-faring couple’s home boosted awareness of Bitcoin in the country and the publicity caused Bitcoin trading volumes to soar in the country. Bitcoin trading volume rose 4x in the country. 417 BTC (70 million Thai Baht) was traded last week, up from 130 BTC (21 million baht) in previous weeks. This is the highest recorded volume since 2016.
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