Bitcoin startup Snapcard to shut down wallet services, will focus on money transfers using BTC blockchain

posted over 1 year ago
Bitcoin startup Snapcard will shut down its wallet services and focus on money transfers via Bitcoin blockchain.

In a latest blog post company stated:

"We launched one of the world’s first multi-digital currency payment processors, a simple digital currency bitcoin wallet, and more recently our Masspay product which focuses on money transfer using the blockchain.

We’ve come to a point where we need to make some decisions on our current product offering and what we’re able to manage. Our Masspay product has been aligned with the value that we bring to the community and is something in which we will be investing heavily.

With that focus in mind, we’re deeply sorry to announce that we will no longer continue operating the Snapcard platform.

Starting May 1st, 2017, users will no longer be able to access Snapcard and their accounts. For the next two months, our priority will be to help you secure and migrate your funds to other platforms."

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