Bitcoin Lightning Network torch reaches its destination in Venezuela

posted 5 months ago
The Lightning Torch, a Lightning Network payment forwarded to bitcoiners around the world via Twitter, has run its course and reached its end in the charitable hands of Bitcoin Venezuela. The torch's creator, Hodlonaut said “I never expected it to go anywhere, it was just a fun little thing that I did.” The Torch eventually made its way to industry heavyweights such as Lightning Network educator Pierre Rochard, Andreas Antonopoulos, Twitter Co-Founder and CEO Jack Dorsey, Lightning Labs Co-Founder Elizabeth Stark, Riccardo Spagni, Alena Satoshi, Whale Panda, Giacomo Zucco, Changpeng Zhao, Erik Voorhees, Adam Back, Peter McCormack, and Peter Wuille.

What started as a fun experiment grew into a movement of sorts with multiple components. Iranian Bitcoin technology writer Ziya Sadr said, regarding Iran's sanctions, “It proved to us that Bitcoin is borderless." As its final bearer, Bitcoin Venezuela will blow the Torch out and transmute its altruistic embers into food, necessities and medicine for Venezuelans in need. A number of community members have pledged to match this donation. Holdonaut said "I think that says a lot about this community, people are good in this space. I’ve seen so much positive stuff coming out of this.” In total, 278 unique participants from 56 countries sent the Torch to every continent except for Antarctica. Just over 7 BTC was transacted (~700 million satoshis) in 83 days.
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