Bitcoin Lightning network protocol being developed to allow 1 of 2 nodes to be offline

posted 4 months ago
Lightning Rod, a payments protocol for the Bitcoin Lightning Network, will enable users to make Lightning payments to a payee without their mobile nodes being online at the same time. Developed by Bitcoin payments startup Breez, the firm released the protocol open-source, and plans to integrate the new functionality into its iOS and Android payment apps by the end of the year.

The new protocol works by routing a Lightning network payment through an intermediate node. The functionality is described as “It’s the difference between a phone call and text messaging, one requires both parties to be online at the same time, the other doesn’t." Although it’s normally not an issue whether both nodes are online in a transaction, if payments can be sent across a protocol where at least the payee is offline, it could open up the door for improved UX for payments made across Bitcoin’s layer-two scaling solution.
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