Bitcoin ETF “definitely possible” says SEC commissioner

posted 5 months ago
The most pro-bitcoin SEC commissioner, Hester Peirce, appeared on the ‘What Bitcoin Did’ podcast over the weekend, confirming that a Bitcoin ETF was definitely possible. Whilst unwilling to describe a future Bitcoin ETF as inevitable, she did confirm it was definitely possible. Peirce explains that the SEC has brought in specialists to advise in the area of cryptocurrency, who have led the agency to take to a cautious approach.

“Just because you are calling something Crypto does not mean you can ignore the rules we have had in place for years… but I do think we also need to be willing to open the doors a little bit wider for innovation” she said. Regarding the many crypto ETF applications, she said the applications are an ongoing relationship or conversation, and the SEC’s orders following denial simply point out issues to address. When a particular proposal will convince three of the five commissioners is hard to say. Peirce suggests it must run its course.
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