Bitcoin awareness is soaring in America according to Coinbase report

posted 7 months ago
Coinbase released its United States of Crypto report today, concluding that awareness of Bitcoin is on the rise among the US population.

*58% of Americans say they’ve heard of Bitcoin “when given a list of cryptocurrencies to choose from.”
*37% say they’ve heard of Bitcoin without being given a list of cryptocurrencies.

"Bitcoin is going mainstream in America,” Coinbase’s report says—a claim its study contends is supported by current trends in Google searches as well.

*More than 70% of US states have enacted regulations that account for cryptocurrency or blockchain technology.

Coinbase’s study highlights the work done in Wyoming as particularly positive for the crypto industry. New York, which ranks in the top 5 in both “participation” and “interest” among US states as measured by Coinbase, is regarded as one of the least crypto-friendly states in the US due to its notorious “BitLicense” scheme. “Crypto is becoming an increasingly important part of local economies” across a growing number of states, claims the report, including New York. The northeast is where Coinbase identified a large number of average Internet users with an above average interest in investing in cryptocurrencies.

*In New Jersey, close to a quarter of those polled said they were “very likely” to buy crypto in the next 6 months.
*Across the US, over 15% of Americans reported that they were either “somewhat likely” or “very likely” to take the plunge into crypto.
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