Bitcoin asset-backed Exchange Traded Instrument launched on Deutsche Börse

posted over 7 years ago
German stock exchange (Deutsche Börse) co-listed BitcoinETI (ticker: BTCETI), an asset-backed Exchange Traded Instrument that is invested exclusively in Bitcoin.

BitcoinETI is the first European regulated product for the leading digital currency.

The Bitcoin Exchange Traded Instrument (ETI) was approved for admission to listing on GSX (Gibraltar stock exchange)on 22-Jul-2015 and now it's co-listed on Deutsche Börse under the symbol “BTCETI”.

BitcoinETI is issued by iStructure PCC PLC, a Gibraltar based company. The issue is the result of a close partnership between a number of stakeholders in Gibraltar including Argentarius ETI Management Limited (Listing Member of GSX and securitisation specialist), Gibraltar based FinTech specialists Revoltura Limited (an iStructure PCC PLC subsidiary), the Government of Gibraltar, and the Financial Services Commission (Gibraltar’s regulator).
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