Bitcoin advocate says BTC is the antidote to the corruption and scams sparking worldwide protests

posted 9 months ago
Bitcoin researcher and software developer Pierre Rochard says Bitcoin is a tool for overthrowing the status quo and introducing a new monetary system. Amidst an outbreak of large-scale street protests around the world, Rochard says “It really is about people’s purchasing power and the price hikes that are happening. Who is benefiting from that inflation… If they were on the Bitcoin standard, these political elites would not be able to create more Bitcoin...

If we boycott the fiat monetary system by adopting Bitcoin, then that ultimately would drive far more change… The people left holding the bag are the corrupt politicians and their corrupt banking cronies and the central bankers who didn’t really deserve the wealth that they’ve extracted from these countries. So I think stacking sats [Bitcoin] is actually a highly effective way of opting out. And I liken it to civil disobedience.”
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