Binance & Kraken: KYC data dump was phished, not hacked

posted 7 months ago
A darknet hacker revealed hundreds of images yesterday purporting to be stolen know-your-customer data from leading crypto exchanges. The data dump in question was first posted on darknet forum Dread six months ago. “I don’t see any clear evidence that any exchange was hacked,” Jesse Powell, CEO at Kraken said, adding, “We have a way of knowing if an image came from our system. I won’t say what we do but there is definitely a way to know if it came from us.”

Binance was more explicit on its security measures, revealing that every image processed through Binance for KYC purposes is embedded with a hidden digital watermark. Crucially, it stated that “these watermarks can be detected even if the images have been modified. After careful assessment, we have concluded the images in question do not contain our watermark, indicating that these images are not from verified Binance accounts."
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