Baidu-owned video streaming giant iQiyi partners with P2P blockchain network NXN to boost performance

posted 6 months ago
One of the world's largest video platforms, iQiyi (founded by internet giant Baidu) is joining forces with a public blockchain that enables bandwidth sharing. The Beijing-based video platform uses the peer-to-peer infrastructure from New Kind of Network to boost buffering speeds and reduce energy consumption and network congestion. The video platform is now integrating with NKN's blockchain in order to utilize its "micro-hosting network management" for deploying and managing third-party content delivery network (CDN) software running on the platform.

NKN's blockchain uses a proof-of-relay (PoR) mining algorithm that randomly selects a small number of fixed data packets as "proof" before sending that data to other nodes for payment and reward. The firm said its architecture has potential to scale to millions of nodes and already has up to 20,000 nodes in operation around the world.
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