Airbitz releases API to integrate Bitcoin into every app

posted almost 6 years ago
Airbitz Inc, a San Diego-based blockchain and data security company, has announced the release of its Bitcoin Wallet Plugin API, which will enable bitcoin service providers to easily develop fully integrated plugins for the Airbitz mobile app allowing Airbitz users access to third-party services.

The Plugin API has been internally deployed for almost a year for the integrated Glidera bitcoin buy/sell service and for discounted Starbucks and Target gift cards through Card for Coin Inc (Fold app). The startup says that the Airbitz plugin API dramatically improves the user experience of bitcoin by allowing access to services without the pain of copying & pasting addresses, scanning QR codes, or bouncing between apps.

Airbitz announced that the first partner to build a plugin using the public API is Bitrefill, which has integrated its mobile top-up service. In the next release of the Airbitz mobile app, Airbitz users around the world will be able to top up their prepaid mobile phones from over 600 operators in over 140 countries, right from within the Airbitz app through the soon to be released Bitrefill plugin, the official release said.
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