Air France KLM is testing blockchain for supply chain

posted 12 months ago
Air France KLM’s engineering and maintenance division is evaluating the potential for blockchain to become its new digital ledger for managing replacement parts on in-service airplanes. During a recent webinar, the airline’s MRO division joined Microsoft and Ramco Aviation to discuss their research into future uses of blockchain in aircraft maintenance.

Air France KLM engineering and maintenance is using its MRO Lab to experiment with the future possibilities of blockchain. The French aircraft maintenance provider uses its MRO Lab to partner with universities, manufacturers and software developers within and outside of the aviation industry to explore how they can make new ideas and concepts a reality within aviation MRO. KLM has found it so successful that it has opened a second lab — MRO Lab Singapore — in collaboration with Ramco Systems.

According to James Kornberg, director of innovation of the Air France KLM business unit, his team is looking to establish a clear business case for the use of blockchain to improve maintenance processes and work flows.
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