44% of Brazilian FinTechs aim to innovate by learning from Bitcoin and its blockchain

posted 3 months ago
PwC Brasil and ABFintechs recently analyzed Brazilian FinTechs. Most FinTechs aim to deliver a financial answer to people, specifically, these monetary firms seek to provide a technology based solution. Furthermore, they specifically want to know about the technical implementation of Bitcoin’s fee. One of the obstacles for the sector is that many of the Brazilian people are largely off the grid, with a huge number of people having no access to the traditional banking system.

According to Valor Investe, there are about 500 fintechs at present working in Brazil. 22% of Brazilian fintechs are working on a blockchain based or blockchain inspired technical fee implementation for themselves. PwC Brasil and ABFintech surveyed Brazilian fintechs with the results being: 44% of respondents mentioned they wish to innovate regarding how blockchain is utilized by cryptocurrencies. Natura, Valid, BlueBenx, and NuBank have each said that utilizing the knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain could improve their own operations. Notably, 63% of Brazilian FinTechs already have worldwide operations.
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