21 year old Russian hacks public servers to mine Bitcoin & now faces prison

posted 7 months ago
A 21 year old man from Russia is reportedly up against criminal charges involving the Bitcoin industry. He's accused of illegally mining Bitcoins with government-owned servers. The source of these details is Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB). The accused used servers from three different regions in Russia, which he hacked to gain access to. The Internal Security Division in Yaroslavl had picked up an attempt that the man had initiated to try and hack their servers as well.

After detection, the charges specifically include the deliberate use of software that renders the network’s defense inept, for which the hacker was charged as well. If he is eventually found to be the culprit, it is possible that he will spend the next five years behind bars. Mining itself is usually not punished with a prison sentence and is instead assessed fees. However, in the case of mining through the theft of electricity services, the criminals are subjected to a prison sentence.
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