20% of Brits think Bitcoin will be "as common as cash or card" in future

posted 5 months ago
YouGov, a global data and research firm, surveyed British people regarding Bitcoin. 93% of those polled were aware of Bitcoin, an astronomical figure considering the relative young age of Bitcoin. Of the people who knew what Bitcoin was, only 4% (around one out of twenty) claimed to understand it very well, while almost six times that many claimed to understand it “fairly” well.

Only about one in six people over the age of 55 claimed to understand Bitcoin fairly well. Six percent of all men polled had invested in Bitcoin and one percent of all women polled had purchased Bitcoin. This group of people were overwhelmingly aged 18-24. One takeaway is that the age of digital currency brings the investor out in young adults – in the United States, for example, the most likely group to own stocks are over age 70. Notably, 20% overall – firmly believe that Bitcoin will be as common as cards or cash in the future.
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