The Hodl Index:

The Hodl Index is compiled from Bitcoin-related news published on our website.

In the "All charts" section you can see all Bitcoin-related news separated into three charts:

  • Bullish - positive impact on Bitcoin price (news with a green flag)
  • Bearish - negative impact on Bitcoin price (news with a red flag)
  • Neutral - no impact on Bitcoin price (news with no flags)

In the "Cumulative chart" section there's just one chart which combines bullish and bearish charts into one. As a result, if the point on that chart falls above 0 then the news impact on that day (or within the time frame a point represents) was positive overall; if the point on the chart falls below 0, then the news impact was negative.

It is important to remember that if a point on a chart falls exactly at 0 this could mean one of three things:

  1. The Number of bearish news equals the number of bullish news.
  2. There was only neutral news.
  3. There was no news at all.

Remember that currently The Hodl Index is based on our subjective evaluation of Bitcoin-related news, but we are working on gathering stats and improving our methods of assessment and evaluation. Updates are coming, stay tuned.