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We think you shouldn't waste your time on reading all news that relates to Bitcoin and blockchain, because large part of it is just "white noise". So we pick the most interesting ones and extract the most importants bits of each news or opinion. We won’t spam you with unrelated information and large amounts of data. We value our time as much as we value yours!

All our news are marked with the following tags:

  • news - an article that constitutes an actual news
  • opinion - an article that is rather a subjective opinion
  • bitcoin (Bitcoin icon) - an article specifically about Bitcoin (and not blockchain)
  • blockchain (blockchain icon) - an article about "blockchain technology" and not specifically about Bitcoin.

Additionally, some Bitcoin-related news are marked with flag icons:

  • A green flag means positive, bullish information for Bitcoin.
  • A red flag means negative, bearish information for Bitcoin.
  • No flag means neutral information which is unlikely to affect the price.

We use these flags to build The Hodl Index chart (for more information see "The Hodl Index" section).

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